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Hello all,
As I proposed members discussed "A note" about No Seek Complete error
of host in the last MMC meeting. In the meeting members agreed to add a note
Read10 command description.
---- confirmed writing ----
During read operations, the Drive may experience temporary resource conflicts
that may delay the ability to read and return data.  In this situation,
or 2/04/08 is preferred sense response, however 3/02/00 is also permitted. In
these cases, it is recommended that host retry the same read operation. Note
that 3/02/00 NO SEEK COMPLETE may also be used for actual seek failures. The
Host response should be the same in both cases. Although the actual number of
retries is Host specific, it should have some finite limit.
I created Fuji7 R1.11 that include this note and uploaded them on ftp.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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