January 2009 MMC WG Meeting Location

Bill McFerrin billmc37 at ctesc.net
Thu Nov 6 12:18:43 PST 2008

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* Bill McFerrin <billmc37 at ctesc.net>
MMC WG Members:
At this moment, the next MMC WG meeting is planned to be in Orlando, FL 
USA, Wednesday 14 January 2009. This is likely to be inconvenient for 
the many people that will be attending CES in Las Vegas during the prior 
If it is preferred to arrange a meeting during or near the time of CES, 
I can arrange a meeting place nearer to Las Vegas. Please notify me as 
soon as possible, because the T10 meeting sponsor must know our plans by 
Friday, 14 November.
Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin
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