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The TRAIN_DONE received message is sent by the SP Receiver to the SP state
machine.  The SP Receiver is responsible for recognizing the three
primitives, so this will either be seen in the SP29 or SP30 state of the SP
state machine, but it will not be missed since detecting three is not up to
the SP state machine.  The device will be in the SP29 state for at least one
full TRAIN or TRAIN_DONE pattern in order to complete training.  If any time
during that process a TRAIN_DONE received message is received it will set the
variable that is sent to the SP30 state.  I do not see any way that this
message will be missed.  The previous problem was that SP29 was not looking
for the TRAIN_DONE received message, so if it was sent just before the
transition to SP30 then there would not be another one.
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Hi Bill...
I'm suggesting the new item d) is required so we don't have the exact same
race condition issue when the "slower" trained device acquires dword sync on
the 4th, 5th, or 6th dword of a TRAIN_DONE (i.e. there aren't enough of the
TRAIN_DONE dwords left to detect 3 out of 6 redundant rule in the primitive
Without item d), it would be possible to then transition to SP30 without
detecting the TRAIN_DONE, and have the faster device move to SAS_PHY_Ready,
and we've got the same problem again.
Essentially, I'm suggesting a device doesn't say TRAIN_DONE until it's
reached the point where it's actually seeing/decoding the other devices
primitives, instead of just acquiring dword sync as the gating factor.
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Subject: Response to 08-425r0
I understood the need to detect the TRAIN_DONE primitive in the training
state; however, I do not see the reason that a TRAIN or TRAIN_DONE has to be
received before exiting this state.  The device will continue sending
TRAIN_DONE until a TRAIN_DONE is received, so the device that is later
entering the training sequence will see a TRAIN or TRAIN_DONE sequence during
its training process, and should be able to train on either pattern.
I would like to see the new item d) in
I am sorry that I did not catch this part of your proposal in our discussions
on Monday.
Bill Martin
Office of Technology
Industry Standards
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916 765-6875 (Cell)
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