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Sivan Tal wrote:
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> Comment 4:
> The RECEIVE CREDENTIAL command must always include a logical unit (or SCSI
> device) and optionally a volume designator. When CbCS is used with volumes,
> the Capability field only contains identification of the volume, but the
> request must also include identification of the LU through which the volume
> is to be accessed. This allows the Security Manager to use the right shared
> key for the ICV. The new way you constructed the CDB allows for either LU
> or volume identifier. It should be either LU or LU+volume.
Since the LU information is not in the capability, how does
the enforcement manager determine the correct shared key
for use in its reconstruction of the capkey?
I spoke with Kevin about this, and the intention is to make this
credential format applicable to a volume regardless of the LU in
which it is mounted. Therefore, I am concerned that there are
some undesirable hidden connections here.
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