SPC-4 r16 available

Ralph Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Tue Jul 29 14:21:22 PDT 2008

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SPC-4 r16 is (or soon will be) available as:
This SPC-4 revision contains all the proposals approved by the
July Plenary. It also contains the fix for the problem described
by Paul Suhler in the e-mail message reproduced below.
All the best,
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Subject:	Error in SPC-4 r15 Table 406
Date:	Thu, 24 Jul 2008 12:31:00 -0600
From:	Paul Suhler <Paul.Suhler at Quantum.Com>
To:	<t10 at t10.org>
Hi, everyone.
I noticed a mismatch between two values in the above table (security 
association identification payload ID TYPE field) and those in RFC 4306, 
pages 57 - 58.	 The values should match, so ID_KEY_ID should be 11 
(0Bh) and ID_FC_NAME should be 12 (0Ch), as stated in RFC 4306.
David Black, co-author of T10/07-437r4 confirmed that they should match 
and he and Ralph Weber decided that it was an editorial mistake when the 
proposalwasincorporated.  Ralph's proposed resolution is to correct the 
table in r16 as an editorial change.
Paul A. Suhler* | Firmware Engineer |* Quantum Corporation* | *Office:* 
949.856.7748 | _paul.suhler at quantum.com_ 

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