Preliminary SAS-1.1 ISO FCD document available

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Thu Jul 10 09:59:25 PDT 2008

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I have posted the preliminary SAS-1.1 ISO FCD as:
The document contains the following changes requested by ISO:
* All text has been justified except text in tables.
* The page headers and footers are change to what I think ISO says they 
* The glossary entries have been formatted as per the 2004 ISO directives.
* Figure notes in figures 4 and 10 were not moved because their meaning
 is position-dependent within the figure, BUT the notes in figures 99, 100,
 102, 111, 112, and 113 were moved to just above the figure title.
* A figure in the Foreword was removed because it could not be numbered
 as requested.
* Gbit, Gbps, ID, IR, IT, SGPIO, SMA, and mA. The following symbols have 
 added: plus-or-minus, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than,
 less than or equal to, and |v| ... absolute value (i.e., magnitude) of v.
* Subclause 3.4 has been updated to fully describe unordered lists with
 both lowercase and uppercase letters. The descriptions also have been
 updated in a way that make the use of color names clear, specifically
 the colors have been placed in explicitly identified examples.
* The normative references were updated as follows:
 SES-2 changes to 'ANSI INCITS 448-2008 (under consideration)'
  it is in first public review
 ATA/ATAPI-7 V1/V3 -->
  a) '(under consideration)' removed from v3 ... it is published
  b) Amendment 1 added
In addition, the following changes have been made.
* Note numbering has been restored to the T10 Style requirement of
 a number on every text-body note and numbers continuously increasing
 throughout the FCD.
* The UML bibliography entry was replaced by a normative reference
 to ISO/IEC 19501 Unified Modeling Language Specification (UML)
 Version 1.4.2
* Several instances of the notation <= have been replaced with the
 underlined < symbol which is equivalent
* In 7.5.3 (CRC checking), the x in Q'(x) was changed to the same
 font as all the other x's in the equation. This is consistent with
 the representation in SAS-2.
* In several speed-negotiation figures, RCD was replaced with RCDT.
 RCD is the wrong term as evidenced by similar changes appearing in
All the best,
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