ADI Action Item Reminder

Paul Suhler Paul.Suhler at Quantum.Com
Wed Jul 2 08:46:24 PDT 2008

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Hi, ADI working group members.
Here are the current action items for the members of the group.
08-006 Rod Wideman will revise 08-021r0 per Old Business item 8.3 of
08-017 Paul Suhler to revise 07-469r7 and post per old business item 9.2 of
18 June teleconference.
The following four are open in the minutes but appear to have been closed:
08-011 Curtis Ballard to revise and post 08-195r0 per new business item 10.2
of 08-223r0. [closed by 08-195r2]
08-012 Paul Stone to incorporate 08-195r1 into ADC-3. [closed by ADC3r00c]
08-013 Curtis Ballard to revise and post 08-200r0 per new business item 10.3
of 08-223r0. [closed by 08-200r1]
08-014 Paul Stone to incorporate 08-200r1 into ADC-3.  [closed by ADC3r00c]
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