SES-2 revision 19b now available

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Wed Jan 30 17:44:00 PST 2008

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SCSI Enclosure Services - 2 (SES-2) revision 19b (ses2r19b) is now
available on and,
incorporating resolutions for all comments.
There will be some SAM-4/SES-2 letter ballot comment resolution calls before
the next T10 week, at which resolutions may be contested and new comments
added.	Watch the T10 reflector for notices of the calls.
ses2r19b.pdf is the new working draft incorporating the changes.
	     Change bars reflect changes since ses2r19.
07-512r0.pdf contains the original letter ballot comments.
08-049r1.pdf contains ses2r19 side-by-side with the comments
	     (including resolution status).
	     On some of the pages, Acrobat messed up the pagination such
	     that the comments are on the left and the arrows don't
	     line up, but it's decipherable.
08-049r1.fdf contains just the comments (including resolution status)
	     and can be imported into ses2r19.pdf using full Acrobat.
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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology
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