Action Items from yesterdays ADI meeting

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Thanks.  I have copied the reflector so all can see your response.
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Georg Boasson <Georg.Boasson at> 
01/15/2008 11:56 AM
Kevin D Butt/Tucson/IBM at IBMUS
Action Items from yesterdays ADI meeting
Hello Kevin
Here is answer for our Action Item from yesterday?s ADI meeting:
Sorry for the delay. Are you the right person for this answeer?
Georg Boasson
To Action Item on Tape Alert flag 19h.
I have checked with Tandberg Data here in Oslo and they do not implement 
this flag in their libraries or loaders.
At least not in the libraries developed here in Norway. What they do in 
the libraries from Exabyte, now Tandberg Data
I do not know.
Our opinion here at Tandberg Storage is that this flag is some kind of 
bucket where you put all cases that does not fit anywhere else.
We generally do not like unspecified TA flags like this. We should either 
remove it or make clear that this is a flag that can be used to indicate 
The library has an unspecified problem. The action should probably be 
something like that ?If the problem persist, call a service 
Unless someone comes up with a more specific use for this flag, I would 
probably vote for the removal solution.
Halvard Eriksen
Tandberg Storage

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