STA Reception January 14th, CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS : Beyond SAS-2

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With the enthusiastic response to our call for presentations, it looks
like we'll have a full evening on Monday.
Once again the idea is to share with others, our thoughts about moving
the SAS standards ahead.
There will be very limited time available for interaction, and
presentations will need to be limited to 15 minutes each.
We plan to have subsequent meetings that will outline the STA marketing
requirements and to wrestle with more of the implementation details.
The presentations for Monday are listed below in no specific order.
I'll send out a final agenda before the end of the week.
Looking forward to a lively kick-off to the New Year!
- "An idea of 6G implementation" (Dynamic line Length Compensation
[DLC]) - Masakazu Kawamoto, Fujitsu Japan
- "Considerations for Active Cables for SAS-2 and Beyond" - Quellan
- "Beyond SAS-2" - Rob Elliot, HP
- "Improving SAS for future generations" - LSI
- New Internal and External Interconnects - Jay Neer, Molex
- QSFP for SAS - Tom Palkert, Luxtera
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Subject: STA Reception January 14th, CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS : Beyond
Being in the final stages of buttoning down the SAS-2, the SCSI Trade
Association would like to take the opportunity in Santa Ana, to discuss,
what comes next.  
Some are suggesting an interim specification to clean up SAS-2 and
possibly include additional cabling options.  Others are suggesting we
split the physical interface work from the SAS-3 standard development
effort.  I'm sure there are many other ideas on how to proceed and what
technologies should be considered in future SAS instantiations. 
All T10 and current STA members are invited to an open discussion on
this subject.
The reception will begin at 6:30pm on Monday January 14th at the Embassy
Suites in Santa Ana. .	Food and beverages will be provided. 
STA will make available up to six, 15 minute presentation slots, and the
topics are open to most anything we should be considering in future SAS
Please respond directly to clyon at  with your presentation
topic and we'll add you to the agenda!
Looking forward to an informative and lively discussion
Harry Mason
STA President

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