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Dear Katata-san,
just a comment from Nero's side to the statement in Pioneer's proposal:
2.3. Reporting logical unit performance capabilities to the end user;
   Providing the user the choice of a given performance profile within
   the list of available performance profiles
   No end user requests such capability and the chance of the choice.
   This will cause end user confusion and careless mistake.
 From host side I can confirm that end users have a demand on selecting
a read/write speed out of a given set of speeds the drive supports.
Of course the host software will offer only speeds to the end user which
makes sense depending on the intended media type to be read/written.
E.g if no media is loaded, with the current specification the host
software cannot offer the correct read/write speeds to the end user and
thus not guarantee that reading/writing will be performed at the selected
So in order to increase the "user friendliness" there is indeed a need
to report the logical unit performance capabilities for the drive.
Best regards,
Reiner Kopf
Nero AG
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>Hello all,
>I posted a counter proposal for 1/9 SWG.
> Stream Model.doc
>Best regards,
>Keiji Katata
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