SPC Inquiry for Quad-Aligned Zero -- deprecated since SPC-4 maybe

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Tue Jan 8 09:09:48 PST 2008

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> correct is: "[should be at least] ... means should not be less".
> Please take your whimsical rewrites of SPC-4 r11 subclause 3.3 to some
less rigorous reflector.
Ok will do.
The Spcr411.pdf paragraph at issue was """The ALLOCATION LENGTH field is
defined in If EVPD is set to zero, the allocation length should
be at least five, so that the ADDITIONAL LENGTH field in the parameter
data (see 6.4.2) is returned. If EVPD is set to one, the allocation
length should be should be at least four, so that the PAGE LENGTH field
in the parameter data (see 7.6) is returned."""
If ever offline I do learn more of what this means, I'll run it by
somebody official like you for permission to give back here.
E-mail suffers from the evil of interrupting everyone to reach the
interested minority. Remember the long inconclusive talk of what it
means when hosts and devices disagree over how many data bytes to copy
each way?
Wiki doesn't suffer from that evil. Someday we'll have a wiki too, I
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