SMC-3r10 - Request Data Transfer Element Inquiry

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Mon Jan 7 11:36:36 PST 2008

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On Jan 7, 2008, at 10:34 AM, Mike Berhan wrote:
> These operation codes are defined in SCC-2.  Turning to SCC-2, we  
> find that
> A3h/06h is defined as the "REPORT STATES" service action.
> Turning back to SMC-3, we see in Table 30 that A3h/06h is defined as
I believe that they are both correct in that "REQUEST DATA TRANSFER  
ELEMENT INQUIRY" is a library's equivalent of "REPORT STATES" since  
you are asking the device to "report the state" of the requested DTEs.
> This appears to be a conflict with A3h/06h unless I missed  
> something.  Can
> someone clarify this for me?	Thank you.
I think it's just a wording difference between the generic and the  
specific.  Others?
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