SMC-3r10 - Request Data Transfer Element Inquiry

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Mon Jan 7 09:34:25 PST 2008

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There seems to be an opcode conflict in SMC-3 going back several years.
This is probably something that has been covered before or perhaps it's just
a simple typo.
Table 5 of SMC-3 shows the "Commands for media changer devices."  For the
MAINTENANCE IN commands, it shows the following operation codes:
These operation codes are defined in SCC-2.  Turning to SCC-2, we find that
A3h/06h is defined as the "REPORT STATES" service action.
Turning back to SMC-3, we see in Table 30 that A3h/06h is defined as
This appears to be a conflict with A3h/06h unless I missed something.  Can
someone clarify this for me?  Thank you.
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