DS_SAI length conflict between 07-437r4 and 07-169 & SPC-4

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We need to make a decision on this one because there is no obvious
right answer.  IETF uses separate SPIs (what T10 calls SAIs) for
IKEv2 and ESP - 8 bytes SPIs are used for IKEv2, but ESP uses 4 byte
SPIs.  SCSI is using the same SPI for both purposes, and hence needs
to pick one length - I agree with your suggestion that 8 bytes (as
used in IKEv2-SCSI) is preferable.  From an implementation standpoint
this would reduce the impact on reuse of the more complex IKEv2
implementations (more complex is by comparison to ESP).
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	Subject: DS_SAI length conflict between 07-437r4 and 07-169 &
	Ralph, David, and Matt, 
	All the DS_SAI values in the ESP-SCSI (07-169r5) (e.g., Table x3
- ESP-SCSI data-out buffer parameter list descriptor without
initialization vector) are shown as 4-byte values as they are in SPC-4
Table 44 - Minimum SA parameters.  However 07-437r4 shows them as 8-byte
values.  I think 07-437r4 is correct and SPC-4 and 07-169 need to be
modified to match. 
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