Completed OSD-2 LB Resolutions makes PUNCH command optional

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Thu Dec 18 06:26:30 PST 2008

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The latest version of the OSD-2 Letter Ballot Comments
Resolution is ready for CAP/T10 consideration and forwarding
to first public review in Orlando.
The big, last-minute change is comment Other-36 which makes
the PUNCH command optional. Complaints were raised that the
PUNCH function unfairly constrains the possible on-disk formats
an OSD might use. Making the command optional seemed like the
simplest way to return vendor neutrality to the standard.
The applicable documents are:
Main comments resolutions:
Supplemental comments resolutions (for complicated changes):
Edited working draft:
For suggestions on how to view these documents optimally,
please see the first few pages of 08-380r4.pdf.
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