SSC-3: Action Items (REMINDER)

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at
Thu Aug 21 10:01:36 PDT 2008

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This note is a reminder to the SSC-3 Working group about outstanding 
Action Items
9.1.1 Dave Peterson: Research and provide input regarding Letter Ballot 
comment EMC-001
9.1.2 Kevin Butt: Create proposal to resolve Letter Ballot SYM-019 item a.
9.1.3 Roger Cummings: Research Letter Ballot SYM-019 item b and return 
with the use cases that show where this is useful.
9.1.4 Curtis Ballard: Provide a suggested resolution to Letter Ballot 
comment SYM-022 and QTM-rbw-103
9.1.5 Curtis Ballard: Determine if HP will create a proposal to resolve 
HPQ-48 or if HP wishes to withdraw the comment.
9.1.6 Kevin Butt: Create a proposal to resolve Letter Ballot IBM L2
9.1.7 Kevin Butt: Create a proposal to resolve Letter Ballot comment 
HPQ-70. Suggested to get away from ?buffer? wording.
9.1.8 Working Group: Review Letter Ballot comment IBM-21
9.1.9 Kevin Butt: Create a proposal to answer LB comment IBM-27
9.1.10 Working Group: Review IBM-38 to see if it can be accepted. IBM and 
HP say yes
9.2.1 Kevin Butt - Clarify the IBM LB comments to ensure there is enough 
information to specify to what the comment refers. Start with IBM-038.
9.2.2 Kevin Butt - Prepare a proposal against SSC-4 to clarify the HOLD 
bit and LOAD bit combinations in the Load/Unload command.
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