Minor changes to sync MMC-6 with Mt. Fuji 7

Hideki Takahashi hidy.takahashi at toshiba.co.jp
Tue Aug 19 01:17:00 PDT 2008

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Hello Berhan-san,
This is Hideki Takahashi of Toshiba.
As for your opinion about "obsolete" of HD DVD, 
HD DVD part should NOT be "obsolete" from the specifications, we think.
I can partially understand your concern. For example, development of bus
analyzer requires much burden for testing.
So minimum specification may be better to minimize the additional job.
But the HD DVD specifications are under licensing now, although Toshiba
won't develop more as one company. 
Any company who would like to make can develop HD DVD products.
Best Regards,
Hideki Takahashi
On Tue, 29 Jul 2008 15:57:49 -0700
Mike Berhan <mikeb at bustrace.com> wrote:
> Bill,
> With MMC-6 under development, and Mt. Fuji 7 released, I wanted to note the
> following issues:
> 1.)  MMC-6 5.3.35 defines Version 0 of the HD DVD Read (0050h) Feature
> Descriptor.  Mt. Fuji 7 defines Version 2.
> 2.)  MMC-6 5.3.36 defines Version 0 of the HD DVD Write (0051h) Feature
> Descriptor.  Mt. Fuji 7 defines Version 2.
> Regarding #1 and #2 above, with HD-DVD no longer being developed, should
> HD-DVD references be removed and replaced with an "Obsolete" note?  This
> would resolve #1 and #2 above as you can delete the entire sections and
> simply state that they're obsolete (as well as other HD-DVD sections in the
> specification).
> 3.)  MMC-6 5.3.45 defines Version 4 of the Real Time Streaming (0107h)
> Feature Descriptor.  Mt. Fuji 7 defines Version 5.
> 4.)  MMC-6 5.3.51 defines Version 0 of the AACS (010Dh) Feature Descriptor.
> Mt. Fuji 7 defines Version 1.
> 5.)  MMC-6 5.3.32 defines Version 0 of the BD Read (0040h) Feature
> Descriptor.  However, Version 1 of this descriptor is in use by shipping
> drives today.  Version 1 adds the "BCA Read" flag.  Can this be added for
> the next MMC-6 update?
> Unrelated to the above, if there is any ODD vendor that supports the new
> MMC-6 OSSC Feature Descriptor (0142h), and if you would like to work
> together to add support for this feature, please contact me privately.
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