Updated November Plenary Reservation Information

Daniel.Colegrove at hitachigst.com Daniel.Colegrove at hitachigst.com
Tue Sep 25 09:33:23 PDT 2007

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Dear T10 Reflector Member: 
The Atrium Suites has recently gone through a management /. 
ownership change. The hotel reservation information
has changed. A new meeting announcement will be posted soon. 
Reservations: (702) 369-4400 then phone menu 1
Reference “Hitachi” when calling to insure the contracted 
rate is received. 
The Atrium Suites web site is not yet configured for 
group/corporate ID information so please call directly 
for reservations. 
If you encounter any difficulty in making your reservation please
let me know. 
Best Regards,
Daniel J. Colegrove
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
daniel.colegrove at hitachigst.com
(702) 614-6119

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