USB Mass storage sub-class for MMC devices

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Thu Sep 20 14:15:15 PDT 2007

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Curtis Stevens (Western Digital) came to our MMC WG meeting on 19 
September 2007 to bring up a concern about UBC mass storage bridge 
implementations. The drive sub-class may be specified as either 
SFF8020/MMC-2 (value = 2) or Transparent SCSI (value=6). Since SFF8020 
is obsolete and MMC-2 has been withdrawn as a standard, we should act to 
promote the use of only drive sub-type 6. Keiji Katata (Pioneer) 
proposed that drive sub-type 2 be made obsolete. If you are aware of 
common use of drive sub-type 2, please respond to this message.
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Bill McFerrin
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