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Hello Reiner,
Thank you for joining the discussion. :-)
Katata-san's description about error reporting seems accurate: erroneous
(==garbage) data report is allowed during streaming playback, *instead* of
retrying or failing with check condition. While for normal data reading, the
drive will retry until either it gets a correct CRC or timeouts and then
report a check condition instead of erroneous data. No?
Best regards,
David Burg.
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Hello Katata-san,
in our implementation we're controlling the priority by using the
'Streaming' bit of the WRITE 12 and READ 12 command. So we share
David's opinion.
However I guess your description of the error reporting behaviour
for (1) 'streaming playback' and (2) 'data reading' is interchanged.
Best regards,
Reiner Kopf
Nero AG
At 16:22 05.09.2007 +0900, keiji_katata at wrote:
>Hello software venders,
>Drive may have different situations that have different priority in its
>1. during streaming playback
>Bit rate has the highest priority. Erroneous data reporting is allowed on
>steaming reading.
>2. during normal data reading
>Correct data reading has the highest priority. Erroneous data reporting is
>allowed on the normal reading. Check condition should be avoided as much as
>3. during streaming recording
>Bit rate and data allocation control has the highest priority. Writing on
>defective sector is allowed on the streaming writing.
>4. during normal data writing
>Successful data writing has the highest priority. Writing on
>defective sector is
>not allowed on the normal writing. Appropriate read error must be
>reported. User
>may try another burning on another disc by referring the read error.
>Could you consider the method how drive detects these situations correctlry.
>Best regards,
>Keiji Katata
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