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What it is TRYING to say is that the parameters returned are defined by
'owns' the SECURITY PROTOCOL  (e.g. table 194), and that the data content
would not be described in SPC.
So, for example:
      TCG would define (in their document) what the data looks like.
      IEEE 1667 could define (in their document), what their data looks
      or they could return only the header saying 'no additional data'
      or they don't even have to support the parameter
- and so forth
Would you please suggest different language that would make this more clear
Thank You !!!
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I am confused with your proposal.  I cannot figure out what is to be filled
in to the SECURITY PROPERTIES field.  I tried following the definition, but
the reference in Table 193 does not specify anything about what to put in
this field.
The contents of the SECURITY PROPERTIES field depend on the protocol
specified by the least significant byte of the SECURITY PROTOCOL SPECIFIC
field (see table 193). The contents are defined by the related reference in
table 194.
I assume it is your intent to define in each of the security protocols what
is to be placed in this field.	However, without an example I do not
understand what properties you are intending to specify and how multiple
protocols relate.
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