SSC-3: Tape end-to-end data protection (07-373r2; 07-374r2)

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Tue Sep 4 17:13:36 PDT 2007

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I have updated my presentation and proposal on Tape end-to-end data 
The presentation has been updated in an attempt to better show:
1) Why the disk end-to-end method is not a good candidate for tape 
solutions; and
2) Why the protection information length (i.e., CRC length) needs to be 
included in the transfer length and not just inferred.
The proposal has been updated from the original incorporating feedback 
|from four different companies.	Many options have been removed. Clarifying 
text and figures have been added to the model clause.  Text that is likely 
to get removed unless somebody fights to keep the related options has been 
Please see the updates here:
SSC-3: Tape end-to-end data protection(Presentation)
SSC-3: Tape end-to-end data protection(Proposal)
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