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Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 4 16:51:34 PDT 2007

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I am confused with your proposal.  I cannot figure out what is to be 
filled in to the SECURITY PROPERTIES field.  I tried following the 
definition, but the reference in Table 193 does not specify anything about 
what to put in this field.
The contents of the SECURITY PROPERTIES field depend on the protocol 
specified by the least significant byte of the SECURITY PROTOCOL SPECIFIC 
field (see table 193). The contents are defined by the related reference 
in table 194.
I assume it is your intent to define in each of the security protocols 
what is to be placed in this field.  However, without an example I do not 
understand what properties you are intending to specify and how multiple 
protocols relate.
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