Proposal to add reading CPRM MKB through AACS Authentication

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Dear All,
The proposal is now also available at:
Best Regards,
Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba
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>Subject: Proposal to add reading CPRM MKB through AACS Authentication
>Dear All,
>As you may have already known, the 4C group and the AACS group have 
>decided to read out the CPRM MKB through AACS Authentication, not 
>through the CPRM Authentication, when recording HD DVD-Video and HD DVD-
>VR contents protected by AACS onto CPRM-capable red laser DVD writable 
>media and verifying the current media is a correct CPRM-capable media. 
>Why this happens is mainly because the 4C group does not want to provide 
>the 4C highly confidential information used in the CPRM Authentication 
>to the AACS group. Thus, the AACS group has decided to read the CPRM MKB 
>through the AACS Authentication for AACS recording and it requires a new 
>sub-command for READ DISC STRUCTURE command. Please note that reading 
>the CPRM MKB is required only for recording, not for playing back.
>The attached zip file contains a proposed draft for the sub-command on 
>top of the latest Mt. Fuji7 specification draft. This is an official 
>proposal from the AACS group. I would like to have this draft reviewed 
>and voted at the next Mt. Fuji meeting in Vancouver on September 18th 
>amd 19th.
>The proposed draft also modifies the AACS Model section to reflect the 
>fact that AACS will introduce the Bus Encryption and to modify the AACS 
>Authentication state diagram up to date. 
>I will also upload the proposal to the Mt. Fuji FTP site.
>Best Regards,
>Atsushi Ishihara, Toshiba
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