sat-r08c: MODE SENSE (10) -> MODE SELECT (10); REPORT LUNS

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Fri Jul 28 19:17:49 PDT 2006

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The second paragraph of section 8.6.1 (sat-r08c.pdf) starts
"The SATL shall implement the MODE SENSE (10) command using
the translation described in 8.5. Device servers that
implement the MODE SENSE (10) command shall also implement
the MODE SELECT (10) command."
Since a SATL includes a device server, that implies
both commands shall be implemented. If that is intended
then it could be stated more tersely.
The second quoted sentence from the draft (especially
in the context of the 6 byte variants of MODE SENSE/SELECT)
seems to be too strong. The reversed statement is weaker
and IMO is more sensible, namely: "Device servers that
implement the MODE/LOG SELECT (n) command shall also
implement the MODE/LOG SENSE (n) command".
Since the REPORT LUNS command is mandatory in SPC-3
perhaps table 8 in sat-r08c.pdf (section 7.1) should
convey that (in a note). There is no other reference
to the REPORT LUNS command in the SAT draft.
Doug Gilbert
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