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Hello all,
I put "Draft Minutes Jul06-2.pdf" on Fuji ftp.
I added the additional records of the discussion in 7.1.
>Pioneer will check the possibility of the physical format
>specification change to reduce the Automatic Quick Format
>operation time.
I checked the Part 1 specification status. It is approved by TCG and SC with
some small exceptions. So the change of the specification is not possible
And I think that Part 1 specification change is not necessary.
1. Writing 224 ECC blocks in Lead-in does not take long time.
  In case of Disc at Once of R-DL, drive shall write 3004 ECC blocks of
before writing a sector at LBA 0. Writing 224 ECC blocks is very small.
2. First OPC on L0 of RW-DL may take 10 - 15 sec.
  Layer 0 has very thin recording film. It is very delicate. High power laser
may burn it out. So careful OPC may be necessary. Writing 224 ECC blocks is
small and can be done later.
3. No Time-out error on OS
  2-4-8 error protocol of Write command suppress the time-out error of OS.
4. Quick start of recording is required.
  On CE, Quick start of recording is very important. Format Unit command
Write command is a wastes of time. Without Format Unit command, the writing
ECC blocks can be done later.
Direct Write command to LBA 0 works as follows;
1: Drive mounts Physically blank RW-DL discs.
2: Host (back-end) sends Write command to LBA0.
3: Drive performs OPC.
4: Drive writes 12 ECC blocks of RMD with Empty disc status.
5: Drive writes user data from LBA 0.
6: Host stops the real-time recording.
7: Drive writes 224 ECC blocks in Lead-in and updates RMD at SyncCache, Stop
Of course, if quick start is not required the writing 224 ECC blocks in
can be done before LBA 0 writing. Direct Write command to LBA 0 allows
manufactures some optimization.
Please send your opinion for this item.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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