SAS-2: Proposal to advance the new Speed Negotiation window

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Mon Jul 17 14:08:20 PDT 2006

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I posted a proposal at T10.  It's really meant to provide input to Harvey's
Here is the header of that document.  Go get it from the t10 site if you're
Steve Finch
To:  Harvey Newman and all T10 Members
From:  Steve Finch, STMicroelectronics
Subject:  Start-up Training Sequence Proposal, New Configuration Window
Document:  T10/06-354r0
Reference:  T10/05-397r5
(I’ve attempted to use the same terminology as used in 05-397r5.  These
terms are indicated by quotes.)
I think we are headed in the right direction with the decision to pursue an
OOB like method to communicate speed capabilities after the GEN1 and GEN2
speed windows.
I had a few ideas that I’d like to share in regards to the format of this
new window.  I wrote them down to see if others think these are good or bad
Maybe we can discuss them at one of the conference calls.
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