RT bit behavior for DVD-R and BD-R

Takaharu Ai ai.takaharu at jp.panasonic.com
Sun Jul 16 23:32:00 PDT 2006

Attachment #1: <A HREF="r0607170_tib_for_several_track_state.zip">tib_for_several_track_state.zip</A>

Hello MMC members,
Let me confirm the answer to my question about the RT bit behavior for
BD-R asked in the last MMC meeting.
The asnwer was that the definition of the RT bit in Track Information
Block for BD-R differs from that for DVD-R.
According to the result, I summarize the TIB values as in the attached
file. Please review the file and let me know if it is not correct.
Best Regards,
Harry Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan

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