ADC-2 Editorial Change, T10/06-061r3

Paul Suhler Paul.Suhler at
Wed Jul 12 10:36:11 PDT 2006

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ADI-2 Working Group members:
Paul Entzel pointed out an error in T10/06-061r3, which we approved on
Monday. DT device primary port status log parameter(s)
	NOTE 8 When the VS bit is set to one, vendor-specific log
parameters may appear in a standard log page (e.g. the vendor-specific
parameters in the Error Counter log pages, see SPC-3) or in a
vendor-specific log page. If the device includes an ADT ADI port (see
ADT-2) the application client may be able to retrieve vendor-specific
log parameters using the vendor-specific protocol of ADT-2.
(In ADC-2 rev 5a, the section is now, Very high frequency data
log parameter.)
We conferred with Michael Banther, who proposed the VS bit.  We agreed
that the above change should be backed out as an editorial change when
Paul E. incorporates this proposal into ADC-2.
If anyone disagrees with handling this change as editorial, then let me
know and I'll bring in a proposal.
Paul Suhelr

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