About the command of READ BUFFER(0x3c)

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Dear sir,
The device has buffer RAM. 
A host side gets the data on RAM (Device) directly using READ BUFFER. 
1.It can use for diagnosis of a device using WRITE BUFFER with this command. 
   When these are used, the influence from a disk, a servo, etc. can be
   First, please write data to RAM by WRITE BUFFER. 
   Next, please read this data by READ BUFFER. 
   You can compare these data. 
2.Vendor unique data is gettable. 
   For example, hidden information. 
   However, the structure of such data is not exhibited.
   You cannot know such structures from an public document. 
   If you want to know such structures, you should negotiate with a each
device vendors. 
  (Probably, an agreement will be mandatory) . 
Best regards,
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Subject: About the command of READ BUFFER(0x3c)
That I can't catch the meaning of READ BUFFER(0x3c) command.How to proceess
this command? And how to
reply this command?
Waiting your help. Thanks !

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