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The BROADCAST Received (x) messages that are received in by the 
SL_CC0:Idle or the SL_CC1:ArbSel specifically result in a Change Received 
confirmation. That confirmation will trigger a discovery of the topology. 
A Broadcast (Asynchronous Event) should not be causing any confirmation 
will trigger a discovery of the topology.  There are no other states in 
which a Broadcast results in a confirmation to a management layer. 
So the question is; Should the Broadcast (Asynchronous Event) cause a 
notification to the management layer or is it like other Broadcasts that 
are handled in some other fashion. If the management layer does care then 
there will have to be a new confirmation added to some state machines 
states (probably SL_CC0:Idle or the SL_CC1:ArbSel). Then the next question 
is how far up the stack does it have to go. If it only needs to go to the 
management layer, then using the same method as change would work. But if 
the information needs to go up to the application client then there is a 
problem in that SAM has no definition on how to handle an asynchronous 
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I noticed that in sas2r04 that we define BROADCAST (ASYNCHRONOUS EVENT) 
and have a way to send it, but we don't allow anyone to receive it.  I 
think we need to add to the SL_CC state machine, in states CC0, CC1 and 
CC2, the requirement for the CC state machine to send a ASYNCHRONOUS EVENT 
RECEIVED confirmation to the management layer.	This is how the reception 
of a BROADCAST (CHANGE) is handled.
Or maybe we should make the change more generic and allow _any_ received 
BROADCAST to cause a confirmation to be sent to the management layer with 
a type argument?
Steve Finch
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