MMC 5 and BD format specifications

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Mon Jan 30 08:35:46 PST 2006

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I have a request for MMC5R02C and BD.  The latest BD and MMC-5 public
specifications partially define the "Disc Information from PIC in Embossed
area" as retrieved with the "Read Disc Structure" CDB.  However, the format
is missing some parts and does not fully define the format of those parts it
does define.  For example, the "Time Stamp" field (2 bytes) does not state
the format used to indicate the time.  The "Disc Manufacturer ID" field
appears to be ASCII but the specification does not state this.

I realize that MMC-5 states that detailed information on the DI is available
in the BD specifications.  However, spending upwards of $5K to receive all
the specifications is a bit pricey.  Since the information in the DI appears
to not be confidential, and likely not in need of any NDA, it would be nice
to have this detailed in MMC-5 (or to make some of the BD format
specifications publicly available without an NDA).


Mike Berhan

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