Broadcast (Change) overload

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Fri Jan 27 17:24:25 PST 2006

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Regarding Rob's comment:

  "The BROADCAST (CHANGE)s may thrash for a while, but
  will stop when the expanders are not detecting any more

In keeping with the bull-in-a-china-shop style I have
exhibited so far, I cannot help but wonder if BROADCAST
(CHANGE) is overloaded. Currently, it seems to serve two

  - Telling other Expanders to reassess their self-config-
    uration status
  - Telling HBAs to kick off a serious sweep through the
    SAS Domain looking for configurable devices

The HBA action induced by the expander-based thrashing of
BROADCAST (CHANGE)s cannot be helpful in the overall config-
uration process. Until the thrashing settles down, every
entry of the HBAs into the picture throws more unproductive
traffic on the links.

Have I missed something?


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