How do SAS self-configuring expanders self configure?

Ralph Weber roweber at
Thu Jan 26 14:09:54 PST 2006

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I have been told several times that SAS-1.1 (and by inference SAS-2)
define how self configuring expanders do their self configuration
thing. I have taken a stab at finding this definition:

The only 'self-configuring expander devices shall ...' I can find
in SAS-2 (give or take a few words) is:

  Self-configuring expander devices shall originate a BROADCAST
  (CHANGE) when they are done configuring.

Anyone with greater insight than I, is welcome to engrave the SAS-2
clause number for the location of these mythical self configuration
requirements on a 4x4 and beat me about the head and shoulders with it.

On the other hand, the next person who claims that SAS-x defines how
self configuring expanders work is advised to arrive with such a 4x4
in their hip pocket in order to have any hope of being taken seriously.

All the best,


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