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Wed Jan 25 16:02:32 PST 2006

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In MMC-5, each command is associated with one or more features.
The mandatory/optional nature of each command depends on the
associated features.

There is no way to represent this in a single column in one table.

If you look at the beginning of the subclause for each command,
you will find a table listing features and when the command is

I think the MMC-5 has dealt with the complex situation quite well.

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Gerry.Houlder at wrote:

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>It appears that commands described in SPC-x  (apparently SPC-3 in the case
>of MMC-5) are not specifically referenced as to whether they are mandatory,
>optional, or otherwise for MMC-5 devices. Other command set standards
>(e.g., SBC) include the SPC commands in the equivalent of MMC-5 tables 228
>and 229, specifies whether the command is mandatory or optional, and
>references SPC-x in the reference column. Is there a reason why MMC-5
>doesn't follow this pattern also?

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