SES-2 : Peer enclosure services processes with common managed elements

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We have some questions regarding the application of SES-2 to peer Enclosure Services (ES) processes. 

For this discussion, we refer to Figure 2 from T10 document 03-347r1 ("SES-2 Reporting peer enclosure service processes").  This figure is accompanied by the following explanatory text (excepted here for reference convenience): 

   "Figure 2 shows multiple enclosure service processes. Both 
   return the same enclosure serial number, etc. in the 
   Configuration diagnostic page. They might each have the ability 
   to manage the full enclosure or just part of it (this can be 
   determined by examing which elements they manage)."

The peer ES processes shown in figure 2 might have the following relationships with respect to managed elements: 
A) Both ES processes manage the same elements. 
B) Each ES process manages a disjoint set of elements (no elements in common). 
C) The ES processes manage overlapping sets of elements (some common elements, some unique). 

QUESTION ONE: Are all three of these relationships permitted by the standard? 

QUESTION TWO: Assuming for the moment that case (C) above is permitted, then which of the following implementation alternatives are consistent with the standard? 

ALTERNATIVE ONE: Each ES process reports multiple subenclosures, with the common elements in the primary subenclosure and the unique elements in distinct subenclosures.

ALTERNATIVE TWO: Each ES process reports a single subenclosure which contains all the elements that it manages.

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