Five-year Maintenance Review of INCITS/T10 Standards

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I've added an agenda item to the March T10 meeting on recommending actions to INCITS regarding T10 standards that are up for five-year review ( Our usual choices are to recommend reaffirmation or withdrawal of each standard. The standards we are reviewing are:

Standard INCITS 232 :1996 [R2001]
Title: SCSI-2 Common Access Method Transport and SCSI Interface Module

Standard INCITS 295 :1996 [R2001]
Title: Serial Storage Architecture - Transport Layer-1 (SSA-TL1)

Standard INCITS 269 :1996 [R2001]
Title: SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)

Standard INCITS 270 :1996 [R2001]
Title: SCSI-3 Architecture Model (SAM)

Standard INCITS 294 :1996 [R2001]
Title: Serial Storage Architecture - SCSI-2 Protocol (SSA-S2P)

Standard INCITS 293 :1996 [R2001]
Title: Serial Storage Architecture - Physical Layer 1 (SSA-PH1)

Standard INCITS 351 :2001 [ ]
Title: SCSI Primary Commands - 2 (SPC-2)

Ordinarily, I recommend reaffirmation unless there are compelling reasons to withdraw the standard. Withdrawn standards are much more difficult to obtain, but I do keep a list of withdrawn T10 standards at the end of the web page: 

People have to go through the INCITS Secretariat to get these withdrawn standards, potentially at substantial cost.


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