FCP-2 Target Reset Question

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The products I am familiar with (disk drives) decode the LUN before looking
at the FCP_CMD IU. If the LUN is illegal, the TMF will be rejected with
CHECK CONDITION status and sense bytes indicating an illegal LUN.

Note that the command IU is information that is directed to a particular
LUN and intrinsically has an I_T_L nexus scope. That is part of why the
Target Reset function (which allegedly has I_T nexus scope) has been
obsoleted in latest SAM.

Since this is a different response than the one described for a tape
product (in earlier reflector message), I hope you will decide that TMFs
should only be sent to legal LUNs in real systems. This would make the
response predictably the same for either product.

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I have a question about the TARGET RESET TMF in FCP-2.

With the TARGET RESET TMF being on an I_T Nexus scope, what should be the
response from a target to receiving a FCP_CMND IU with the FCP_LUN set to a
non-existent LUN value on a TARGET RESET TMF? I would think that because
the scope of the TMF is on the I_T Nexus the TMF should complete or should
the TMF be rejected.



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