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Wed Jan 18 15:47:09 PST 2006

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It appears from SPC4 that there is no requirement
for dependency between Standby state (table 165)
and the Set Target Port Groups command.

However, it also seems that from the host perspective,
that if there are no active paths, and there ARE some
standby paths, the only recourse for the host would
be to send the STPG command to attempt to make that
path into an active path.

So, while there is no explicit requirement that a device
supporting standby state also support STPG, there does
seem to be an implicit assumption in how hosts would
use these commands that a standby state could be made
active through the use of STPG.

Is there something we are missing about the use of
standby state relative to STPG?  Is there some other
host side expectation or capability that standby
state would be used for?

Are there any host side folks that can speak to this

	Fred Knight
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