ALL_TG_PT clarification

Rich Ramos t10 at
Wed Feb 22 17:20:26 PST 2006

Hey all (Ralph/Rob E. especially),
I've got a clarification on something that looks like it's been
hanging around quite a while.
In both SPC-3 and SPC-4, ALL_TG_PT is defined in 6.12.3 as being
optional but never says what to do if not supported by a device.  As
a comparative example, APTPL is in the following paragraph and
specifically calls out to return a check cond.
I dug up the attached email from Rob E. back in '03 where he says
that it is *supposed* to return check cond:
"If designed with SPC-3 knowledge, it is supposed to return INVALID
However, if it really is supposed to do that it must not have made it
into the spec, true?  Ralph or Rob care to comment for sure.

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