Clarification for AACS Read MKB (Read Disc Structure format 83h)

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Wed Feb 22 10:04:47 PST 2006

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I have a question regarding the Read MKB of AACS format of the READ DISC
STRUCTURE command.  The command specifies the Address field to indicate
the pack number which is read from the media.  However, there is no
clear indication to know if the first MKB pack number is the number 0 or
the number 1.
I have checked Fuji6's INF-8090 submission in both the READ DISC
STRUCTURE command section as well as the AACS model section.  I have
also checked the MMC5r02c AACS model section and command description.
I think that the first MKB pack shall be addressed as MKB Pack number
00000000h, and the Nth MKB pack shall be addressed as MKB Pack number
N-1.  This note should help to avoid a common misunderstanding (which is
the first value -- 0 or 1?) and help to ensure a common implementation.
Can this editorial change be accepted still for MMC and/or Mt. Fuji?
Thank you,
Henry Gabryjelski
Microsoft Corporation
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