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I received one response that basically said OPC is performed automatically
by the drive and unless in real-time condition, " you need not use Send OPC
command at all".
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Are the device company people on this reflector able to answer's David F.'s
question? I believe we would then need to provide additional text below
table 597 - Features Associated with the SEND OPC INFORMATION Command, or
speak about its usage in the model section, so that the host developers are
no further wondering.
Best regards,
David Burg.
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What's the official word on the Send OPC command?
Does the host simply do these steps:
1) Read Disc Information Block,
2) Check either (Disc Information Length>32) or (Number of OPC Tables>0)
3) If #2 true then issue a Send OPC with DoOpt=1
David F.
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