May 2005 MMC Meeting Time and Location

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Tue Apr 19 22:15:26 PDT 2005

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Thanks to the good work of Mr Kohda (Pioneer) and Mr Mine (Sony), we have
locations for our May 2005 MMC meetings.  Again, we are sharing meeting
times and locations with the Mt Fuji group.

The schedule and locations are as follows:

May 18 Mt.Fuji          10:00-18:00 Meguro, Pioneer PAX bldg. 1-1 meeting
May 19 Mt.Fuji/MMC      9:30?-16:30 Shinagawa, Sony Gotenyama Hills
May 20 MMC        	10:00-18:00 Meguro, Pioneer Headquarters, Board room

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Bill McFerrin

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