May Mt. Fuji/MMC meeting schedule needs to be shifted

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Dear all,

As you might know, the next Mt. Fuji/MMC meeting is currently scheduled to
be held as follows:

---Current schedule---
May 16 (Mon)  Mt. Fuji, Tokyo
May 17 (Tue)  Mt. Fuji & MMC joint meting, Tokyo
May 18 (Wed)  MMC, Tokyo

However, after that, we have encountered a schedule conflict in May 16 and
May 17.
I am very sorry but I was wondering if you could agree to shift the meeting
schedule two days ahead.
I already contacted with Bill McFerrin, the chair of MMC WG, and he kindly
accepts to shift the MMC ad hoc to May 19-20.

The proposed new schedule is as follows:
The location is Tokyo area in Japan for all three days.

---Proposed new schedule---
May 18 (Wed) Mt. Fuji, Tokyo
May 19 (Thu) Mt. Fuji & MMC joint meting, Tokyo
May 20 (Fri)   MMC, Tokyo

I would like to arrange the meeting schedule as above proposed date (May
Regarding the detail meeting location and host, I will inform you later.

Your kind understanding and cooperation are really appreciated.

Kind regards,
Takeshi Kohda

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