SBC-2 revision 15b now available

Elliott, Robert (Server Storage) elliott at
Wed Oct 6 18:45:54 PDT 2004

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Now available on are:

a) sbc2r15b.pdf - Latest working draft
b) 04-274r1.pdf - List of comment resolutions, sorted by author
c) (containing 04-274r1.fdf) - Adobe Acrobat format 
   comment resolutions to apply to sbc2r15.pdf (the original revision)

This revision incorporates all letter ballot comment resolutions.  Let
me know if you find any errors.

In November, T10 will vote to forward SBC-2 revision 16 (without change
bars and revision history) to INCITS public review.

Final statistics are:
Total comments: 1476
 Accept - Done: 1230 (83.33%)
 Accept - Todo: 2 (0.14%)
 Reject (only): 244 (16.53%)
          Left: 0 (100.00%)
  Total worked: 1476 (100.00%)

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Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server Storage Advanced Technology 
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