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Thu Jul 29 16:08:05 PDT 2004

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Next week is the T11 meeting so the regularly scheduled meeting will not 
be held.

The next Trusted Commands Teleconference meeting will be:

9 August 2004

02:00pm EDT, 1:00pm CDT, 12:00pm MDT, 11:00am PDT
dial-in 866 279 4742
passcode 255 5580

Your participation is welcomed and encouraged. Please send me any 
addition items for the agenda.
Steve Sletten

Draft Agenda:

1. Introductions
2. New agenda items
3. Review action items
4. Definition of Trusted Commands
4.1 Review initial Trusted Commands document.
4.2 Continue discussion on the scope of the TRUSTED COMPUTING IN/OUT 
4.3 Secure Action chaining.
4.4 Multi-initiator and multiple trust associations discussion.
5. New action items
6. Next meeting
7. Adjournment


Minutes  Trusted Computing CMDS  Joint Teleconference TCG/T10/T13
Monday, 07/26/2004, 02:00pm EDT, 1:00pm CDT, 12:00pm MDT, 11:00am PDT
Meeting Attendees:

Bob Nixon Emulex T10
Mike Fitzpatrick Fujitsu T10/T13/TCG
Ralph Weber x ENDL T10
Lee Terrell IBM TCG
Martin Rosner Philips TCG
Greg Elkins Qlogic
Bob Thibadeau Seagate TCG
Erik Riedel Seagate T10
Gary Moorhead x Seagate TCG
Gerry Houlder Seagate T10
James Hatfield x Seagate T13
Jim Coomes x Seagate T10
Michael Willett Seagate TCG
Charles Binford Sun T10
Steven Sletten x Sun T10/TCG

Review action items:

Extract and post ANSI IP policy
07/21-04 Reviewed at anti trust and discussed IP policy.
07/26/04 Steve posted INCITS policies and T10 procedures to SSWG web for 
TCG review.
Michael Willett

Check with Gerry Houlder on T10 and T13 proposal consistencies
7/21/2004 Will hold join meetings to maintain consistency.
Michael Willett

Schedule next joint telecom
Michael Willett

combine these minutes with T10 attendees and other commentary; post to T10
7/21/2004 Minutes posted as 04-205r0. Close
Steve Sletten

Steve Sletten and Mike Fitzpatrick will attend T13 in August 2004 give a 
presentation for TCG and to propose that T13 formally join TCG and T10 
for co-development of the standards proposal(s) for Trusted Computing 
CMDS. This is to maximize commonality between approaches for SCSI and 
7/21/2004 Will hold join meetings to maintain consistency.
Steve Sletten & Mike Fitzpatrick

Steve Sletten and/or Gary Moorhead will issue notice for subsequent 
meetings within by July 22, 2004. Meetings will be held weekly, on the 
same day and in the same time slot as this meeting.
07/21/2004 Meetings will be held weekly and Steve will send email 
announcements to T10.T13/TCG aliases.
Steve Sletten, Gary Moorhead

Jim Hatfield will create a Trusted Commands reflector for use by this 
work group.
07/26/04 Jim has created the site, close.
Jim Hatfield

Steve S will create first version of the T10 Trusted Commands document 
and post to the joint Trusted Commands reflector.
7/19/2004 Use Gerry's proposal as starting point. TCG IP needs to be 
Steve Sletten


Turn out for the meeting was very light. The call host did not dial in 
so there may have been confusion over whether the call was being held. 
The conference does not require the host to call in however. A few 
seconds after the message saying the host is not present you will be 

We agreed, in the meeting that for now, meeting announcements and 
minutes will be emailed to the TCG SSWG, T10 and T13 for each meeting. 
The teleconference is not an official T10 or T13 meeting and so does not 
appear on their web sites.

There was some discussion on how we should work with T10 and T13. Do we 
wish to be wish to be an official work group or project which will have 
additional overhead requirements or operate independently. Some 
tradeoffs are with ongoing communication between the groups and 
potential understanding of the proposal later in the process. This 
discussion should be continued with the larger group.

The secure action chaining was also discussed. IKE was used as an 
example on how not to do it. OSD was also mentioned as an example for us 
to look at. This discussion should be continued at the next meeting.

New Action Items: No new actions.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 EDT.

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