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Mon Jul 19 16:41:04 PDT 2004

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Heare Ye ! Heare Ye ! Heare Ye !

Announcing the debut of a new reflector for discussion of Trusted Commands
involving these two proposals, and all that follow from them:

      T10 proposal:
            04-14041    SPC-3 Security Commands proposal
                        (TRUSTED COMPUTING IN/OUT)

      T13 proposal:
            e04128r0    Assignments for Trusted Computing Group
                        (TRUSTED SEND/TRUSTED RECEIVE)
Why a new reflector ?
      * there are several separate groups that need to coordinate on this
            T10, T13 and TCG
      * and not all members of all groups want to be bothered by
            discussion (which may get lengthy at times)
      * not everybody wants to be a member of all 3 reflectors
      * to reduce cross-posting traffic
            Would you rather get ONE msg or THREE whenever
            someone posts a msg ?
Anyway, here are the details:
      * I moderate new subscription requests to minimize spammers
            trashing the list. (As I do with the T13 reflector).

      * To subscribe or unsubscribe:
            send an email to me (James.C.Hatfield at
            indicating your desire. I will activate your request as soon
            as I can (barring network outages and meetings to go to, ...)

      * to post a msg:
            send an email to
                  trustedcmds at
            *** NO ATTACHMENTS ARE ALLOWED ***
Please send any comments or questions (about the reflector) to me;
otherwise, the reflector is open for business !!!

Thank You !!!
Jim Hatfield
ATA Interface Firmware & T13 (ATA/ATAPI) Standards Representative
Seagate Technology LLC
   e-mail:  James.C.Hatfield at
   s-mail:  389 Disc Drive;  Longmont, CO 80503 USA
   voice:  720-684-2120
   fax....:  720-684-2711

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