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Hi all,

Now some campaniles asked about Removable Media Status Notification feature
set of ATA.
I believe that this function is overlapped to SBC/MMC command set (Packet)
and is incomplete to use in product. So in MMC/Fuji discussion we were
concluded that Packet device and its host software does not use this
feature set in ATA.

MMC has embedded changer model. SBC/MMC have many different write protects
or similar media and device combination status. Removable Media Status
Notification feature set of ATA cannot cover these items.
ATA layer persistent prevent, C/DVD class layer persistent prevent and
application layer prevent may conflict each other.

I think if T13 group needs to keep this feature in ATA, someone must
explain this feature in MMC WG. And T13 group may need to add some
descriptions to keep compatibility with SBC/MMC command set.

I'm waiting for any commnet.

Best regards,

Keiji Katata

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