SAS letter ballot comment resolution teleconference Thursday 2pm Central

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Yes, this is required in SAS-1 as it provides further resolution to Microsoft's LB comment:

Author: MSFT
Page: 259
Sequence number: 13
Date: 3/5/2003 4:33:22 PM
Type: Note
ACCEPT - DONE (Bill Galloway's proposal added "An affiliation established when the command is transmitted should be kept until all frames for the command have been delivered. This avoids confusing the SATA device, which only knows about one SATA host. STP initiator ports may keep affiliations for longer tenures, but this is discouraged." which should help).

.3.2 SATA tunneling for multiple initiator ports
The affiliation mechanism creates a policy that encourages initiators to fight over resources. The policy that multiple initiators shouldn't be actively connecting to an STP target shouldn't be enforced by hardware. It should be a usage convention.
[key concern is resources coming and going as seen by an OS]

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> 03-131r0 STP affiliation usage model   (Bob Sheffield)
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> Is this explanatory text desired in SAS-1?
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